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1649 Str. No: 61 Turan District
Bayraklı – Izmir, Turkey, 35540
Phone: +90 (232) 366 98 98
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The Yali

Yali literally translated as "quay". It comes from the Greek word "γιαλό" - "shore"


300 Years of the
cultural heritage.

Yali mansions, which are located on the seaside in every corner of Izmir, serve as a bridge between the city's past and present.

Neva Yali Izmir, named after the values ​​engraved in the texture of the city, preserves over 300 years of cultural heritage and brings Izmir’s home style to you.
Located in the heart of Neva Yali Izmir, the monumental mansions of the leading families of 19th-century Izmir, Braggiotti, and Giraud, are being transformed into first-class restaurants to welcome guests.


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Neva Yali Izmir is an extraordinary project of Renaissance Holding, known for its high quality and outstanding reputation both in Turkey and World.

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